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The Episcopal Missionary Church: Diocese of the East is a grouping of parishes, fellowships, and church plants that is under the banner of the Episcopal Missionary Church (for more info: We believe in the traditional, orthodox, Biblical, and apostolic Anglican faith that was handed down from the early church through the West into England, and then throughout the world. As Anglicans we subscribe to and derive our doctrines from a few primary sources (also known as formularies): The Bible, The Church Fathers, The 39 Articles of Religion, The Book of Common Prayer, and The Book of Homilies.
As Christians, our hope and faith lies in the risen Lord, Jesus Christ. As Anglicans we embrace and exemplify the faith of the early church. As Episcopal, we uphold the traditional threefold order of Bishops, Priests, and Deacons. As Missionaries, we believe we are called individually and collectively to bring the joy, hope. light, and life of the Christian gospel to the four corners of the world. As the Church, we believe we are body and a family of believers that are called to encourage, care for, serve, and minister to each other and our collective communities.

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